Monday, February 28, 2011

Blessed Are The Merciful

The Fifth Beatitude
Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy

Mercy is love toward those that need some type of help. The merciful are those that are tender hearted and who truly feel in thier hearts the pain and the suffering of those who need mercy. But most importantly is the fact that the merciful are those special individuals who go out of their way and make the effort to help. Having compassion on those that are in any way hurting is only the first part of having mercy. The second is doing something about it.

We as believers must show mercy to all men and we are to do this by both sympathizing with them and by taking care and tending to their needs. And we must do this with readiness and gladness, with affection and tenderness, always ready to give and to forgive. God instructs us to show the same type of mercy to others that he shows to each of us.

Being merciful is a test of our Christianity. If you are not constantly being merciful then you have not understood the grace and the mercy of God and you are outside of Jesus Christ. We who have received God's mercy are merciful because the grace of God makes us that way.

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